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Easy Installation

Increases flow as demand increases

Adjustable constant pressure

Built-in diagnostics

Automatic pump and motor protection

Smart Reset (R) technology

CP150 constant pressure pump systems.
3 HP Constant Pressure Systems for Irrigation and Deep Well Applications
The Commander Pro 150 series of pre-packaged constant pressure water systems is designed specifically for demanding applications. Seven models engineered to provide a constant pressure water supply from as deep as 1200' or at flows from 2.7 to 73 gpm at 50 psi. These system packages are ideal for use in residential and light commercial applications, including large homes, deep wells, ground source heat pumps, lawn irrigation systems and water features. Features include dependable 4" submersible pump technology, single-phase power input and the innovative Franklin Subdrive 150 variable speed controller. These systems are designed to reduce total equipment costs, as large bulky tanks, external motor protection devices and complicated adjustments are no longer required.
Residential Water Systems   Lawn Irrigation Systems
  "City-like" water pressure     Even distribution of water in zones
  Smaller tank saves space     Eliminates need for separate system
Geothermal Systems   Water Treatment Systems
  No need for large buried tanks     More efficient back flushing
  Eliminates pressure cycling     No need for multiple pumps
  GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS - Commander Pro 150 Series
Use 30 Amp for CP150 Input ( from power source ) Voltage
Amps (RMS)
Power at
Power at
Power Factor
200-250 V/Single Phase
60/50 Hertz
23 Amps
560 watts @ 30 Hz
4600 watts @ 80 Hz
1 Constant
Output ( to motor ) Voltage
Amps (RMS)
Variable V/Three Phase
Variable 30-80 Hz
10.9 Amps
High Torque/Soft Start
25-80 PSI preset 50 psi
NEMA 1 (indoors)
  Built-in protection & diagnostics for


  Surge Protection

Short Circuit

  Underload - low water condition

Overheat Controller w/auto


compensation feature.

  Locked pump w/auto reverse feature  

"City-like" water pressure for rural water systems
in one complete package. The system includes:

Submersible Pump Ends Franklin Electric Submersible Pump Motor Water system bladder type water pressure tank.
Franklin's CP Subdrive 150 Controller with advanced electronics. Air-cooled NEMA 1 enclosure. Adjusts 25 to 80 PSI constant pressure. Includes pressure sensor. Factory specified pump end for optimal performance and efficiency. Specifically factory engineered to be compatible with Subdrive 150 controller. Proven Franklin Super Stainless water-lubricated motor. Performance matched for long life. Specified to avoid overload. Small Air-E-Tainer (R) 14 gal. capacity tank saves space and money. Properly sized and pre-charged to 35 psi or 70% of desired system pressure, for use with this system.
CP150 group pumping curve.


CP150-07  Pump System  $ 2590.00
CP150-07 Less Tank $ 2320.00

CP150-07 constant pressure pump performance chart.



CP150-10  Pump System  $ 2590.00
CP150-10 Less Tank $ 2320.00

CP150-10 constant pressure pump performance chart.



CP150-19  Pump System  $ 2590.00
CP150-19 Less Tank $ 2320.00

CP150-19 constant pressure pump performance chart.





CP150-27  Pump System  $ 2565.00
CP150-27 Less Tank $ 2325.00

CP150-27 constant pressure pump performance chart.

CP150-35  Pump System  $ 2645.00
CP150-35 Less Tank $ 2405.00

CP150-35 constant pressure pump performance chart.

CP150-55  Pump System $ 2725.00
CP150-55 Less Tank $ 2480.00

CP150-55 constant pressure pump performance chart.


CP150-85  Pump System  $ 2725.00
CP150-85 Less Tank $ 2480.00

CP150-85 constant pressure pump performance chart.

Manifold kit for plumbing pressure tank for constant pressure system.

All CP100 Series constant pressure pumps require our CPSMSS20KIT for $ 232.00 which includes the 2" Stainless Steel manifold, which protects against throttling your flow, and gives you the 1" leg back to the pressure tank. Kit includes a 1" adjustable pressure relief.

Constant pressure pump system plumbing kit for CP100 series pumps.

Constant pressure pump system fitting kit for pressure tank #CPSM125100KIT   
$ 152.00
This can be used for systems up to 25 gpm flow.

Ph 1-800-621-4291

Smart Phone Dialable

CP system 5 year warranty on pump and motor and 3 year warranty on pump controller.

Orders over $ 1,000.00 are Freight Prepaid to you.


SubDrive Control Information

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Prices effective August 7, 2014