for Heat Tape Temperature Control

120V Electronic Temperature Control

Excellent for use with heat tape to control the temperature at which the power is applied to the heat tape. This can help assure that the heat tape is not running unnecessarily when the temperature is warmer, and that it comes on at a prescribed temperature, way before freezing is a problem.

This unit can be wired for use with 120V heat tape, or for use with 240V heat tape. The illustration shows how to wire for use with standard 120V heat tape, such as the Wintergard Wet heat tape.

Electronic Temperature Control unit has a temperature differential range of 1 Degree F to 30 Degrees F. Unit can control temperatures from -30F to 220F, however you will not need the range capabilities of this control for use with heat tape for on your roof or on water pipes.

Electronic Touch Control makes setting and verifying temperature settings easy.


Electronic Temperature Control for heat tape.

How to wire temp control.

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