Flint and Walling have been supplying the quality pumps needed for water wells for both home and agricultural needs since electric power became available. Dean Bennett Supply Company has been serving the water well supply needs since 1965. When you need a pump for your water well, call Dean Bennett Supply at 1-800-621-4291. You can download our catalog in Adobe Acrobat "pdf" format to get the specific pages you need. If you do not have Acrobat, you can download a FREE copy of the Acrobat Reader at www.adobe.com. We look forward to serving you with your water well pumping needs.
Catalog Product Page Page Description
Product Line Card Listing of products Dean Bennett Supply offers you.
Flint & Walling pump introduction Description of the quality construction of F&W submersible pumps.
Capacity charts for 5 gpm & 7 gpm Capacity charts for 5 gpm and 7 gpm 4" submersible pumps.
Capacity charts for 10 gpm & 19 gpm Capacity charts for 10 gpm and 19 gpm 4" submersible pumps.
Capacity charts for 35 gpm & 55 gpm Capacity charts for 35 gpm and 55 gpm 4" submersible pumps.
Complete submersible pumps Page 2 Page 2    F&W 4" Submersible pump models from 5 gpm thru 85 gpm.
4" Deep Set Pumps Page 2a   Page 2a  F&W 4" Deep Set Submersible Pumps
Constant Pressure Pumps Info Page 2b   Page 2b  Info sheet on Constant Pressure Submersible Pumps
Constant Pressure Submersible Pumps CP75, CP100, CP150   Page 2c  Constant Pressure Submersible Pumps
CP300 High Capacity Constant Pressure Pump Systems   Page 2d High Capacity Constant Pressure systems
Franklin motors and controls Page 3     Franklin Electric motors and controls for submersible pumps.
Franklin Electric Motor
Generator Sizing Chart
  Generator Sizing Chart for Franklin Electric
Submersible Motors.
F&W pump end assemblies Page 4     F&W submersible pump end assemblies, less motor.
Submersible pump wire Page 5     Submersible pump wire and UF Burial wire
50 - 400 GPM  6" Submersible Pumps   Page 6     6P, 6T and 8T  50 GPM thru 400 GPM Submersible Pump End Prices
4" and 6" Submersible Pump Motors   Page 6a   Submersible Pump Motors for 6P, 6T and 8T Models
6P, 6T and 8T Pumping Curves   Page 6aa Pumping Curves for 6P, 6T and 8T Submersible Pumps
Jet Pumps Page 7     CPJ Deluxe convertible jet pumps and Economy EK series
Capacity charts for F&W Jet Pumps Page 7A  Capacity charts for shallow well and deep well jet pumps
Deep Well Vertical Jet Pumps
Low Flow Water Supply Solution
Page 8     Deep well jet pumps and
Low Flow CPH Water Supply Solution
Deep Well Ejector Capacities Page 8A  Deep well ejector capacity charts for vertical jet pumps
Deep Well Packer Capacity Chart Page 8B  2" deep well packer assembly capacity charts
SPJ self priming sprinkler pumps Page 9     SPJ High Head Self Priming Centrifugal Sprinkler Pumps
Lawn Sprinkler and Utility Pumps   Page 9a   Lawn Sprinkler and Utility Pumps
Artesian Constant Pressure Controls   Page 9B  Artesian Controls for making a pump constant pressure.
Centrifugal Booster Pumps Page 10   Pressure Booster Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pumps
High Pressure Booster Pumps Page 10a Pressure booster pumps for increasing water pressure
Duramac Domestic Pressure Boost
Duramac Light Commercial &
Irrigation Booster Pump System
  Page 10d Duramac Domestic and Light
Commercial & Irrigation Water pressure Booster Pump System
Pacer Gas Driven Transfer Pumps   Page 11   Gas Driven Pacer Water Transfer Pumps
Gas Driven Centrifugal Pumps   Page 11a Gas Driven Centrifugal Pumps
Miscellaneous Pump Products   Page 11aa  Barrel Pumps and Hose Connectors
Hose   Page 11b  Hose for gas driven and electric centrifugal pumps


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