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Would you like to download your own copy of our Aermotor windmill and our F&W and Zoeller pump catalog? The following links are broken down to individual pages to help with download time. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view the files. This reader is available free at for download.

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Aermotor Windmill Catalog

Catalog Page Size Page Description
Product line card 86k Dean Bennett Supply line card of products

Windmill Catalog Page 48


Aermotor windmill pumping capacities by mill and cylinder size

Windmill Catalog Page 49


Aermotor windmill features and stroke lengths
Windmill Catalog Page 50


Aermotor construction details
Windmill Catalog Page 51 1455k Aermotor tower construction
Windmill Page 52 983k New Aermotor windmills and components
Windmill Page 53 925k Windmill towers and Larger Aermotor windmills
Windmill Page 53a     Additional Windmill Stub Towers and Tower Accessories
Windmill Page 54a 89k Windmill cylinder with electric pump below it
Windmill Page 55 60k Windmill exploded view
Windmill Page 55a & 55b 404k Windmill exploded views
Windmill Page 56 166k Windmill repair parts
Windmill Page 57 Windmill repair parts
Windmill Page 57a 126k Decorative windmill with redwood tower
Windmill Page 57aa     702 Windmill Repair Manual
Windmill Page 57b     Lawn Decoration Windmills
Windmill Page 58 Baker Pump Jacks
Windmill Page 58b Dempster Pump Jacks
Windmill Page 59 1010k Baker hand pumps
Windmill Page 59c     Emergency Hand Pump for use in a well with a submersible pump.
Windmill Page 60 505k Steel, fiberglass and wood pump rod
Windmill Page 60a     Wrenches and elevators for wood and fiberglass rod.
Windmill Page 61 452k Windmill cylinders
Windmill Page 61a 90k Deep setting windmill cylinders
Windmill Page 62 246k Windmill cylinder repair parts
Windmill Page 63 652k Leather cylinder cups
Windmill Page 63a Leather cylinder cups
Windmill Page 64 371k Rod couplings and adapters
Windmill Page 65 112k Robert Bob Float Assemblies and parts
Windmill Page 66 154k Stuffing Boxes and rod centralizers
Windmill Page 66b 460k Midland flat valves and accessories
Windmill Page 66c 342k Tank floats and AY McDonald float valves
Windmill Page 66d 107k Tank nipples, bulkhead fittings, and pipe seals
Windmill Page 67 451k Cylinder strainers, flat windmill bar, anchor post sets, windmill platforms, windmill oil, adapters, and base flanges
Windmill Page 37 901k Drive point screens
Windmill Page 46 1005k Pipe holders and elevators

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