Turns on Heat Tape to Keep Roof Free of Snow

The snow switch turns on heat tape to keep snow and ice from building up on roof edges.

Roof Top Snow Sensing Switch
to turn on WinterGard Wet
Heat Tape to keep a roof free of
snow and ice buildup.

$ 139.00

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Keep your roof free of snow and ice buildup with the LCD-7A Snow Sensing Switch. The switch is housed in a rugged enclosure for durable use. System is designed for 120 Volt power input, and is UL listed.

Snow sensor plate is in the round opening on the top of the switch. When the sensor grid senses snow precipitation presence, the unit will send power to the WinterGard Wet heat tape installed on your roof, to melt the ice and snow. Unlike thermostats, the LCD-7A Snow Switch operates your heat tape when precipitation occurs at temperatures below 38 degrees F.

Roof top snow sensor switch     roof top snow sensor switch.

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Prices effective August 21, 2014